Join us in Germantown at the Philadelphia Juneteenth Festival, Saturday, June 19, 2021,  1pm – 5pm

 Come celebrate and commemorate the 156th Anniversary of Juneteenth – the end of slavery in the United States

This year, Johnson House Historic Site will host our 15th annual celebration of Juneteenth!  A National Historic Landmark, Underground Railroad station and Center for Social Advocacy, our site represents what everyday people have done and can do to make a difference in their community and beyond.   The Johnson House example of historic partnership – between Africans seeking freedom, the abolitionist Johnson family, and other abolitionists – serve as a catalyst to inspire, uplift and empower current and future generations.  As an empathetic community representative that champions challenges directly – and works with and through other established entities – our Center expands serves as “a place to engage the community, facilitate shared conversation, build advocacy, and act to address contemporary issues that negatively impact our communities today.   

Meaning of Juneteenth:  When Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger issued General Orders, Number 3; Headquarters District of Texas, Galveston, June 19, 1865, he had no idea that, in establishing the Union Army’s authority over the people of Texas, he was also establishing the basis for a holiday, “Juneteenth” (“June” plus “nineteenth”).  “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free”.  Today, Juneteenth is the most popular annual celebration of emancipation from slavery in the United States and the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. 

We are writing to ask for your sponsorship of our 15th Annual Philadelphia Juneteenth Festival

As we prepare for our Juneteenth celebration, we reflect on the impact of the painful and shameful history of enslavement on our country.  But, we reflect on that history through a contextual lens with the intent to  examine its impact on our country today.  What are the connections that can be confirmed?  How has the past impacted our future?  What will we do with whom and how will we do it? 

The entire country has been significantly impacted by the social unrest that we’ve experienced over the past year. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have been especially deeply wounded. As we begin to address the issues that blatantly confront us, how will we can use this moment as an opportunity to reckon with injustice – and meet it with the leadership required to make the changes that we need. 

History is a vehicle that undergirds the foundation to set that course.       

A key program feature of our festival is a panel discussion which focuses on a pressing social issue that impacts our community today .  In past years, our Juneteenth panel discussions addressed social issues and their impact including:  The State of Black Women; Human Trafficking:  Modern Day Slavery Happening in a Community Near You; The Future of Historically Black Colleges and Universities; and Who Pays:  The Incarceration of Women and Girls.  This year, our panel will address:  Philadelphia Health Crisis: The High Rate of Gun Violence and its devastating impact of trauma experienced by families and the community. The panel will overview this crisis – share its context, present best practices and recommend strategies designed to educate, empower and engage neighbors to increase community awareness – and – act to address this social injustice. 

Will you help to lift the celebration of Juneteenth and its meaning up?  We extend an opportunity to you to be a part of a catalyst for the change that we need today.  Together, we can work to ensure that we continue to build on our rich legacy, and offer support for our community as a convening space, a thought center, and educational resource.

Please review the Philadelphia Juneteenth Festival Sponsorship package attached.  We welcome your call or email to answer questions or respond to requests for additional information.   

Thank you for your consideration of support as we plan to enrich, engage, and inspire generations to come!

Philadelphia Juneteenth Sponsorship May 2021

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